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Knit & Crochet Help Project Support Pattern Errata Knitting Abbrev. Crochet Abbrev. Skill Levels Yarn Weights Glossary and Terms

Knitting Abbreviations

alt - alternate; alternately
approx - approximately

BC - back cross; back cable (See cable.)
beg - begin; begins; beginning
BO - bind off
BO - bobble (See MB.)

C - cable; cross. A cable (also called a cross) is formed by using an extra needle, usually a cable needle or double-pointed needle, to hold stitches to be crossed either to the front (which crosses them to the left), or to the back (which crosses them to the right). The cable crossing is worked on the right side of the work. The extra needle should be thinner than those you are working with to avoid stretching the stitches. After you have worked the cable, be sure to pull the yarn firmly before working the next stitch to prevent gaps in your work.
CC - contrasting color. When two colors are used, the contrasting color is the yarn that is used as an accent.
ch - chain
cm - centimeter(s)
cn - cable needle
CO - cast on
cont - continue; continuing
cross 2 L - cross two stitches to the left (See cable.)
cross 2 R - cross two stitches to the right (See cable.)

dc - double crochet
dec - decrease; decreasing
decs - decreases
DK - double knitting
dp; dpn - double-pointed needle
dtr - double treble

EON—end of needle

FC - front cross (See cable.)
foll - follow; follows; following

g; gr - gram
grp; grps - group; groups
g st - garter stitch

hdc - half double crochet
hk - hook

in; ins - inch; inches
inc - increase; increasing
incl - including
incs - increases

k - knit
k-b; k 1 b - knit stitch in row below (Infrequently used for knit through back loop - see tbl.)
kfb - knit into the front and back of a stitch
k tbl - knit through back loop
k2tog - knit two together
kwise - knitwise

LC - left cross (See cable.)
LH - left-hand
lp; lps - loop; loops
LT - left twist. A left twist is formed by crossing one stitch over another.

m - meter(s)
MB - make bobble. A bobble is a three-dimensional stitch made by working multiple increases in one stitch, sometimes working a few rows, and then decreasing back to one stitch.
MC - main color. When two or more colors are used, the main color is the yarn that is dominant.
mm - millimeter(s)
m1 - make one

no - number

oz - ounce

p - purl
pat; pats - pattern; patterns
p-b - purl stitch in the row below
pfb - purl into the front and back of a stitch
pm - place marker
pnso - pass next stitch over
psso - pass slip stitch over
p tbl - purl through back loop
p2tog - purl two together
pwise - purlwise

RC - right cross (See cable.)
rem - remain; remaining
rep - repeat
rev St st - reverse stockinette stitch
RH - right-hand
rib - ribbing
rnd; rnds - round; rounds
RS - right side
RT - right twist. A right twist is formed by crossing one stitch over another.

sc - single crochet
S2KP - slip two tog, knit one, pass two slip stitches over
sk - skip
SKP - slip one, knit one, pass slip stitch over
SK2P - slip one, knit two tog, pass slip stitch over
sl - slip
sl st - slip stitch
sp; sps - space; spaces
ssk - slip the next two stitches knitwise, one at a time, to RH needle, knit these two slipped stitches tog
st; sts - stitch; stitches
St st - stockinette stitch

tbl - through back loop
tch; t-ch - turning chain
tog - together
tr - treble
trtr - triple treble

WS - wrong side
won - wool over needle
wrn - wool round needle
wyib - with yarn in back
wyif - with yarn in front

yb (or ybk) - yarn to the back
yf (or yfwd) - yarn to the front (or forward)
yfon - yarn forward and over needle (See yarn overs.)
yfrn - yarn forward and round needle (See yarn overs.)
yo - yarn over. A yarn over is a decorative increase made by wrapping the yarn around the needle. There are various ways to make a yarn over depending on where it is placed.
yo twice; yo2 - yarn over two times
yon - yarn over needle (See yarn overs.)
yrn - yarn round needle (See yarn overs.)

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