To Knit or Crochet? – that is the question!

If you’re indecisive, the Pin-Me-Up scarf kit is going to be a challenge … knit or crochet?  Which of the 4 yummy colors will go with my jacket?  … AND I get a choice of shawl pins!

Always on the lookout for great new stuff, we found these shawl pins and had to pair them up with a fashionable one-skein scarf project for fall.  The knit version was so effortless, I had to crochet one too!

The Pin-Me-Up Scarf kit contains the knit and crochet pattern and 1 skein of Malabrigo merino wool yarn … enough to make either a knit or a crocheted version of this simple neck wrap.  The yarn is worsted weight, knit on a size US 9 needle or crocheted on a size US I hook.

The kit is available in 4 colors … including “Lettuce”, “Applewood”, “Pagoda” and “Azul Profundo”.  Where do they come up with these names?  Azul Profundo … hhhmmmm … I instantly recognize that as a dark denim blue.  The knit sample in the picture is made from the “Pagoda” (red), and the crochet model is made from the “Lettuce” (green) colored yarn.

Choose either the “Off Center Circle” or the “Waves” shawl pin.  Both of these shawl pins are made of highly polished rosewood … the “Off-Center” is about 2.0″ across, and the “Waves” pin is about a 1/4 inch larger.  The accompanying shawl stick measures about 4.25″ in length (use the shawl stick by itself as a simple, elegant shawl closure too!).

Both the knit and crochet versions of the Pin-Me-Up scarf are fun and easy to make … checkout the details and put one together that’s just for you … also makes a great gift … you decide!

Wristlets have Ruffles! Hey Crocheters! Looking for a cute pattern for a pair of stylish Wristlets? … This one is for you!

Recently I have had lots of requests for knit and crochet wristlets … we have a couple knit patterns, so I decided to put together a ruffled and feminine crochet kit!

The Ruffled Crochet Wristlet kit contains the crochet pattern and 1 skein of quality alpaca blend yarn (50% Superfine Alpaca / 50% Wool) … enough to make a pair of the wristlets.  The yarn is a double knit (DK) weight, crocheted on a size US G hook.

The kit is available in 4 warm colors … the pictures show the Ruffled Wristlet in the “North Winds” color.  Well, maybe 3 of the 4 colors are warm … the light blue is more of a cool color than warm, and with a name like “North Winds”, I have images of frozen ice and snow in mind …

The Ruffled Crochet Wristlet is for the beginning crocheter … they are a quick ‘n easy project, just in time for cold weather … take a look!

Is it a Felted Pumpkin Hat?

You have no idea how many people see this pumpkin in the store, and ask “Is it a Hat?”  I usually tell them it’s just a decorative felted pumpkin.  But then I ask … “If it was a hat, would you wear it?”.  I have found only one person who said she would … to a Halloween party.  Must be some party! 

Anyway, the felted Connecticut Pumpkin is an inexpensive knitting kit, just in time for Halloween.  If you have never done felting, this is a perfect project to give it a try … easy to knit, and if you slip a stitch, or miss gauge, the felting will hide the mistakes and it’s JUST A PUNKIN!

The finished pumpkin is about 8″ tall (including the stem), and 12″ in diameter.  Knit on US 10.5 circulars and double point needles, it is an intermediate skill level pattern.  The kit has just the right amount of orange (pumpkin) colored yarn, and green yarn for the stem.

For those of you who must have a pumpkin hat, or think it would be a hoot at your Halloween party, the pattern can be easily modified to fit your ‘noggin.  Maybe your significant other would wear it?!!  Take a look and make one for the party!

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