Knock Your Socks Off – With ChiaoGoo Sock Sets!

ChiaoGoo Bamboo Sock Set

Knock your socks off – with a Double Point Sock Set from ChiaoGoo!

Whether you are a beginning sock knitter who needs a complete set to start you off on your sock knitting adventures, or a veteran sock knitter looking for a compact and organized way to manage your sock knitting gear, ChiaoGoo’s Sock Sets are the answer!

So what is ChiaoGoo? ChiaoGoo needles are needles manufactured in China by a family-owned business which prides themselves with offering high quality knitting needles.  Started by four brothers, they were taught bamboo work by their father and grandfather, both traveling bamboo craftsman.  But their real inspiration came from their mother, an avid knitter who was their needle tester and often asked for special bamboo needles to meet her needs.

The family’s youngest son, Leon, came to the US in 1997 and received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a specialty in Laser Technology at West Virginia University.  This guy knows lasers!  Every ChiaoGoo needle (both bamboo and stainless steel) is precisely machined with perfectly tapered tips and is permanently laser imprinted with both the US and metric sizes.

Pandas eat bamboo – but not moso bamboo

ChiaoGoo Sock Sets are available in bamboo and stainless steel.  The bamboo needles use moso bamboo, the largest and strongest of the bamboo species, which creates a very durable needle.  Bamboo is a fast-growing, renewable resource, and the eco-friendly bamboo needles are warm to the touch.  But what about the pandas?  Pandas only eat bamboo, but moso bamboo is too big for panda bears to eat.

The stainless steel needles are made from a  high-grade, strong, stainless steel. They have a nice, smooth satin sheen that does not reflect any light, making it easier to see your work!  They are strong and durable, but surprisingly lightweight.

So just what does a ChiaoGoo Sock Set include?

ChiaoGoo Stainless Steel Sock Set
  • The bamboo set includes five sets of six inch double pointed  needles – Sizes: US 1 (2.25 mm), US 1.5 (2.50 mm), US 2 (2.75 mm), US 2.5 (3.00 mm), and US 3 (3.25 mm).  The stainless steel set includes six sets of needles, all of the above, plus a set of US 0 (2.00 mm).
  • Stitch markers, in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • Five inch needle gauge/ruler
  • Zippered case (6″ x 8″) to keep everything neat and secure – no more renegade needles slipping out of your knitting basket!

And just what does ChiaoGoo mean?  Chiao (pronounced chau) means “crafty” and a Goo (pronounced gu) is a “lady”.  So a ChiaoGoo is a “crafty lady”!  Are you?

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

The Colors of Noro – All 25% Off!

Designed by Elle Tricote

Noro yarns are well known throughout the knitting world for the company’s incredible devotion to yarn and their phenomenal colorways. During the month of February, we’re celebrating this with a 25% off sale on all Noro yarns and patterns!  This includes the individual patterns from Noro’s Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 magazines, now available as downloadable PDFs!

Designers love Noro yarns for their extraordinary colors – and so do we!  Many variegated yarns are spray painted with dye – but not Noro yarn.  Instead the fiber is dyed in individual colors, then each color is manually laid out on the carder.  The result is a richer, more vibrant color.

The Noro factory is in Japan, and “Noro” is the name of the company founder, Eisaku Noro.  The Japanese are known for their attention to detail, and that trait shows through in the yarn.  Eisaku notes that when new yarns are created, the designers work with their eyes closed to fully concentrate on the texture of the fibers.

Preparing the Carder at Noro.

All animal fibers used in Noro yarns are from certified organic farms.  Noro is personally involved with inspecting all aspects of production, from visiting the animal farms to checking the machinery used to insure that the process is as eco-friendly as possible.  By doing as much by hand as possible, Noro reduces the friction and heat that the yarn is exposed to, preventing damage to the enzymes in the fibers while reducing the impact on the environment.

What incredible devotion to their yarn!

Happy knitting . . . . . Amy

Better Late Than Never! Exclusive Color – Country Fair!

Country Fair in 4/8’s Wool

Things have been a little crazy around here so it’s a little late, but still an awesome color!

Did you go to a fair this fall? Each county has their official county fair where livestock and produce are judged to qualify for the State Fair in Springfield.  In addition to the county fair, many small towns have their own street fairs, organizations and civic clubs host fall festivals, and farmers markets are abound with fall treats.

And what wonderful colors the fall festivals and country fairs have!  The orange pumpkins, golden yellow corn, green of the freshly sprouted winter wheat, crisp red apples and delicious brown hot apple cider and caramel apples.  Our friends at Mountain Colors Yarns appreciate the colors of autumn as much as we do, so they stopped kicking through the fallen leaves long enough to work with us to create a new exclusive FiberWild! color – Country Fair.

The new color is available in three yarns:

  • Alpaca Blend is a warm and soft medium weight blend of alpaca and wool perfect for sweaters, scarves, hats, mittens – or almost anything!  For an easy-peasy project that you can finish in time for Christmas, try the Braid Back Wristlet pattern.
  • 4/8’s Wool is a great all-purpose worsted weight yarn in 100% wool.  Make an ordinary project stand out!  There is still time to knit a Winter Headband – keep your ears warm without getting hat-head!
  • Weavers Wool Quarters is a soft 100% wool in a sport weight with an impressive 350 yards per skein.  It is perfect for sweaters, mittens and cowls.  Challenge yourself to knit a pair of socks before the holidays – the Bankers Socks looks great in autumn colors!
Country Fair Slouchy Hat

Enjoy a FREE pattern with the purchase of a 4/8’s Wool skein of yarn in Country Fair.  The Country Fair Slouchy Hat is, well, slouchy.  Knit with 4/8’s Wool yarn, it’s a fun, casual hat to wear while running through a corn maze, browsing the farmer’s market or warming your hands with a cup of hot apple cider.

Want more free stuff?  Simply like our Facebook page and comment on our Facebook post about Country Fair here telling us what you love/miss most about fall. We’ll pick two people to win one FREE skein of 4/8’s Wool in Country Fair, along with a copy of the Country Fair Slouchy Hat pattern! The giveaway end this Friday, December 6th, so don’t delay!

Happy Knitting . . . .  Amy

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