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Berry Tart Shawlette in Wonderland Yarns’ Cheshire Cat

Strawberry Tart?  Raspberry?  ... or just the Berry Tart Shawlette?
Crocheted in Cheshire Cat from Wonderland Yarns!

The delectably simple "Berry Tart" shawlette is a perfect treat for any season. Wear it as a scarf for lacy warmth this fall and winter.  Or throw it over your shoulders for stylish coverage on warmer days. With this yummy combo of soft yarn and pattern, you may find yourself indulging in more than one "Berry Tart" shawlette! 

FiberWild Exclusive

Berry Tart Shawlette

by Amy Loberg

Worked from end to end in a simple filet crochet stitch, this wrap has an open and airy mesh fabric that is just right for layering. The simplicity of the design lets you savor every stitch of hand dyed yarn. Finish the edge with lacy ruffles and picots ... just like the scalloped edge of a beautifully dainty and delicious tart!  ... uses just one delicious skein!

Finished Size 12″ × 58″ after blocking
Materials Wonderland Yarns Cheshire Cat
Shown in Off with Her Red
US E [3.50mm] crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge
Gauge 14 sts = 4″
Skill Level Easy

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"Berry Tart Shawlette"   |   Cheshire Cat   |   Shown in "Off with Her Red"

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Wonderland Yarns Cheshire Cat

This soft 100% washable fingering weight wool yarn is soft and springy with a lovely sheen, and perfect ply. It comes in vibrant tonal colors, which would be wonderful for fine gauge colorwork or lace projects. Knit up some colorful socks or a exquisite shawl today!​

Fiber Content 100% Superwash Merino Wool
Yardage / Weight 512 yds in 114g
Gauge 28 - 30 sts over 4″ on US 1 - 3 [2.50 – 3.25mm]
Care Instructions Machine Wash, Dry Flat

Bubble Rock and the Father of Glaciology

The state of Illinois is mostly flat, but here in Galena (located in the northwest corner of the state), it's anything but flat, it actually looks like the rolling hills of new england.  Why?  Because our corner of the state is unglaciated.  "Unglaciated" may not be a term you're familiar with ... it means that when the ice age glaciers swept through and flattened the midwest, they missed our little corner of Illinois!

So of course when we think of Acadia National Park on the coast of Maine, one of our favorite features is Bubble Rock.  It's a round bubble-looking rock that, quite frankly, looks out of place.   Bubble Rock has large black and white crystals like the bedrock about 40 miles away, a contrast to the native pink and white granite that surrounds it.  Why?  Bubble Rock was pushed there by the glaciers, and then left behind. 

Few would dispute the idea of glaciers and periods of ice ages today, but just 200 years ago it was a crazy new idea.  The scientific theory at the time was that the earth was created hot and has been gradually cooling down since its creation.  Then scientists started questioning "erratic boulders" ... rocks like Bubble Rock that didn't fit their surroundings.  How did they get there?

Bubble Rock

Bubble Rock in Acadia National Park

In 1734 Pierre Martel, an engineer and geographer, published an account of his journeys through the Alps of Savoy. Martel noted that the locals believed the erratic boulders had been pushed into place by ice, and throughout the late 1700s and early 1800s others published similar theories of sheets of ice pushing large rocks.  

Louis Agassiz, father of glaciology, 1870

Louis Agassiz
Father of Glaciology, 1870

In 1837 German botanist Karl Friedrich Schimper coined the term "ice age" and together with his friend Louis Agassiz they developed a theory of glacial periods when sheets of ice covered both polar caps.  In July of 1837 Agassiz presented their ideas at the Swiss Society for Natural Sciences ... but it wasn't very well received.  After all, the ice sheets and giant glaciers were gone - how do you prove a period of ice coverage when all of the ice had since melted?

Agassiz conducted geological fieldwork to prove his theories, noting the marks on the earth left by glaciers such as valleys, scratching and smoothing of rocks, piles of debris called moraines, and erratic boulders like Bubble Rock.  These signs proved the existence of glaciers, even long after they had melted.  In 1840 he published his book "Study on Glaciers" and in 1846 Agassiz traveled to the United States to study the natural history and geology of North America.  During this excursion he visited and studied Acadia's Bubble Rock.  In addition to his field studies he worked as a lecturer and a teacher, and ended up staying in the US for the rest of his life.  Today he is considered the founding father of glaciology, the scientific study of glaciers, ice and natural phenomena that involve ice.

Although admired for his work with glaciers, his career was not entirely roses.  He was also a zoologist studying animals, humans and biology.  A contemporary of Charles Darwin, he denied Darwin's theory of evolution and had rather controversial ideas about humanity's beginnings. 

A statue of Agassiz stood prominently on the Zoology Building at Stanford University ... during the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 the statue plunged face-down into the concrete sidewalk.  Although the statue was embedded up to the shoulders, only his nose was broken.  The nose was reattached and he was returned to his original position - but more securely this time.

We searched and searched, but there's no evidence that Louis Agassiz was a knitter.  But if he was we are sure he would love the Acadia Tidepool Sock, the newest sock in our Sock of the Month National Park Series - and especially the Queen of Heart's Bubble Rock "speckle" colorway!

Happy Knitting! ... Scout

Statue of Louis Agassiz
Stanford University
San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.


Sock of the Month: “Acadia Tidepool” Socks

Wander the rugged coast of Maine with the "Acadia Tidepool Socks"

Featuring Wonderland Yarns' Queen of Hearts Yarn!

​The first eastern national park was created in the early 20th century by visionaries that donated the land that became Acadia National Park.  Located on the rugged coast of Maine, Acadia has everything from cobble beaches and shimmering tidepools to boreal forest and towering granite cliffs ... Acadia evokes a sense of awe in everyone who visits.

In honor of the park's tremendous beauty, we've teamed up with Stephanie at Wonderland Yarns to create six custom speckled colorways; each inspired by a famous landmark in Acadia!

A big thank you to Amy's nephew, Andrew and our graphic designer, Wendi who took photos on their recent visits to the park!


Acadia Tidepool Socks

by Amy Loberg

The circular cable motifs and twisted stitch ribs form fluid lines that show off exquisitely dyed speckle yarn. Worked from the toe up, the pattern is mirrored on each sock for the left and right foot. This sock features a full gusset and a slipped stitch heel for extra strength and durability.​

Finished Size 7″ - 8" (8" - 9″) approximate foot circumference
Gauge 32 sts = 4″ in Stockinette stitch
Materials 1 (1) skein of Wonderland Yarns Queen of Hearts
Shown in Cadillac Granite
2 x Size US 1 [2.50mm] (2 x Size US 2 [2.75mm]) circular needles or size needed to obtain gauge
US C [3.0mm] crochet hook to cast on
Notions Cable Needle
Skill Level Intermediate
Note For those with larger calves, increasing one needle size about 1" above the heel will provide a more comfortable leg fit

"Acadia Tidepool Socks"   |   Queen of Hearts   |   Shown in Cadillac Granite

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Wonderland Yarns' Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts is a beautiful superwash wool with a touch of cashmere for coziness and nylon for strength. This versatile fingering weight yarn is hand dyed into shades from rich solids and bold brights to subtle neutrals. You'll feel like the Queen herself when knitting with this lovely yarn! ​

Thanks to the fabulous Stephanie at Wonderland Yarns for creating not one, but six(!) custom speckle dyed yarns for us!

Fiber Content 80% Superwash Fine Merino Wool, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon
Yardage / Weight 410 yds in 113g
Gauge 28 – 30 sts over 4″ on US 1 – 3 [2.25 – 3.25mm]
Care Instructions Machine Wash, Cold, Dry Flat

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