Sock of the Month: “Spice Market” Socks

Put some color in your step with our "Spice Market" Socks ...
Featuring Schoppel Wolle's Zauberball yarn!

The "Spice Market" Socks pay homage to the vibrant colors seen in traditional marketplaces across India, the Middle East and North Africa. Vendors sell a variety of goods from fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and cheeses to wines and liquors, clothing, shoes and textiles. The lively activity is highlighted by the shouts of vendors tempting those passing by! It's a place not only to pick up your weekly groceries, but to catch up with neighbors, get a coffee or to hear live music.

Amy was taken with the bins of colorful spices and they quickly became the inspiration for the design of her eye-catching "Spice Market" Socks. Using the long color changes of Zauberball Yarn and an entrelac knitting technique, she was able to evoke the colors and shapes of the exotic spice market bins!

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Schoppel Wolle

Spice Market Socks

by Amy Loberg

Pattern FREE with purchase
of Zauberball

When looking at the rows of spices in baskets, Amy's mind immediately went to the shape and structure of entrelac to create the Spice Market Socks!

Worked from the toe up, the top of the foot and leg are knit in entrelac while the bottom of the foot remains in stockinette stitch. The socks have a pretty eye of partridge heel and and a ribbed cuff with a couple of rows of reverse-stockinette for a decorative edge.

PLEASE NOTE: Amy happened to get very closely matching color repeats on her socks ... but this almost never happens with Zauberball self-striping yarn. If you absolutely must have semi-matching socks, you may want to wind the yarn by hand (it does not play well with a swift and ball winder) to get two balls that start at roughly the same color repeat. Or, simply embrace the uniqueness of the two slightly mismatched socks ... they are so in style right now!!

Finished Sizes

Small (Medium, Large) - Due to the stretchy nature of the entrelac blocks, these socks can stretch lengthwise or around. The medium size is approx. 7" wide but can stretch to 9" wide.


1 skein of Schoppel Wolle Zauberball

Shown in Oktoberfest


Approximately 375, (400, 430) yards (1 ball)


2 x 24" circular needles - Choose your foot width (narrow, medium or wide) and foot length (small or medium/large) to determine which needle to use.

Foot Length​             



Narrow Foot



Medium Foot



Wide Foot




30 sts = 4" in Stockinette on US 1.5 [2.50mm]


1 double point needle for transferring stitches, crochet hook US B for casting on

Skill Level


"Spice Market" Socks   |   Schoppel Wolle's Zauberball  |  Shown in Oktoberfest

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Schoppel Wolle Zauberball

“Zauberball is a unique single ply yarn that is dyed in long color stripes. It is the perfect playground for different types colorwork, but it also looks terrific in simple styles, too. A wonderful yarn for socks, Zauberball also looks lovely as a shawl or other accessory!

Fiber Content

75% Superwash Wool / 25% Nylon

Yardage / Weight

459 yds in 100g


30 sts over 4" on US 0 – 2 [2.00 – 3.00mm]

Care Instructions

Machine Wash, Dry Flat

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Classic Elite Yarns’ History & 20% Off!

A Lowell Mill Girl

Classic Elite Yarns is headquartered just outside of Lowell, Massachusetts.  In the 19th century Lowell was the United States’ largest textile center and is considered to be the cradle of the American Industrial Revolution.  The “Mill Girls” were the young women who worked in the textile mills.  They worked long hours in harsh conditions, then spent their evenings in company housing where their social lives were strictly controlled.  Not fun!  But, they also had their own money – a rarity among women at the time – and with their economic independence came a desire to challenge the system of female subordination.  In an era that thought women were too feeble-minded to organize, they banded together to create unions and fight for better lives and working conditions.

Provence in Crushed Violets

Classic Elite Yarns has its origins in the textile manufacturing mills of Lowell.  Classic Elite began in the 1940s as an offshoot of a textile mill, first creating fiber for hand weavers and designers and later producing yarn for hand knitters.  Today Classic Elite Yarn is owned, managed and staffed primarily by women – the spiritual descendants of the determined Mill Girls who turned the notion of the “weaker sex” upside-down!  They no longer manufacture yarn, and instead search the world for fine hand knitting yarn to bring to you!

We love Classic Elite Yarn!  As a tribute to the hardy Lowell Mill Girls of the past – and our spunky knitters of today – we’ve put all of our Classic Elite yarn and patterns on sale at 20% off for the month of June! That’s over 40 yarns on sale, each one in a variety of inspiring colors, for a total of . . . . well, I’m not sure, but it’s a whole lot of yarn!

Do you have a favorite?

  • Provence
    Majestic Tweed in Cherry Pie

    is a 100% cotton yarn – great for summer knitting!  It is a cabled cotton yarn that has a long staple length, which gives it great strength and sheen. And since it is mercerized, it absorbs dye beautifully and is less likely to shrink!

  • Liberty Wool Print seems to have an endless palette of colors!  Available in almost 40 different colorways, Liberty Wool Print is a 100% washable wool in fun, self-striping colors – and you get a free pattern with each purchase!
  • Majestic Tweed is a tweedy blend of wool, angora, silk and nylon that works up into a soft fabric with just a little bit of halo.
  • Firefly is a natural blend of viscose and linen that shimmers like a firefly!  It’s soft, drapey and a bit dressy in 18 shimmery colors.
Firefly in Chicory

And patterns?  The Classic Elite patterns, it seems, are endless.  There are patterns for all ages and all seasons. And, yup, the patterns are all on sale at 20% off, too!

My favorite knitting “work space” is a wicker chair out on my porch with a glass of wine – much better than the working conditions of the Mill Girls!  Get yourself some Classic Elite Yarn, and then join me in raising a glass in tribute to the Lowell Mill Girls!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

All Knit One Crochet Too is 20% Off!

Knit One Crochet Too has, quite literally, crossed the country.   They began in 1996 in California, then in 2003 Helene Rush purchased the company and moved to Windham, Maine (just west of Portland).

Chevron Trim Top by Helene Rush

The name Helene Rush is probably familiar to you , but even if her name isn’t, her patterns most likely are.  She has over 25 years of experience in the industry as a designer for all major knitting magazines, she is the author of five knitting books (all out of print, but available in the collectable market), and was the past editor of McCall’s Needlework and Crafts Magazine and Cast On Magazine.

Knit One Crochet Too’s yarns are selected from around the globe and feature luxury fibers along with everyday staple yarns. Each spring and fall Knit One Crochet Too launches two or three new yarns, along with patterns and kits to compliment the yarn.  FiberWild! features about 20 different yarn brands from Knit One Crochet Too’s collection.

So how large is this company?  Just how many employees does it take to make this yarn powerhouse a success?  Just five. Yup, just five.  Helene Rush herself, plus two women (one fiber artist and one shipping manager) and Helene’s two sons.  I enjoy working with all of our yarn suppliers, but it is especially fun to do business with a woman-owned company that is small but known throughout the world!

To celebrate this remarkable company, we have put all of our Knit One Crochet Too yarns and patterns on sale at 20% off!  So what are some of my favorite Knit One Crochet Too yarns?  Well, I’m glad you asked . . . .

2nd Time Cotton in Avocado
    • 2nd Time Cotton is a fabulous green yarn.  Well, it’s not only green, it comes in 11 different colors (although the Avocado Green color is quite pretty).  It is a blend of cotton and acrylic recycled from the garment industry.  It’s very soft and easy, as comfy as an old t-shirt, and an excellent yarn for your summer garment knitting!
    • “Thou Shall Not Covet,” but you can make an exception for Covet yarn!  Alpaca is a super-soft fiber anyway, but using the finest micron fiber from baby alpaca is like knitting a cloud!  Covet knits into a luxurious fabric great for cozy mittens or a snugly cowl that everyone will covet!  Available in 10 cloud-like pastels.
    • A “cria” is a baby alpaca, and Cria Lace yarn has all the softness of baby alpaca plus Tencel to give it strength, drape and a little sheen.  Available in over 20 bold colors, use one strand to make lacy shawls and scarves, or two strands for soft sweaters.
Ty-Dy Socks in Tropicale
  • Ty-Dy Socks is a multi colored, super fine, self striping wool blend in 11 great color blends.  But why hide such great yarn below your ankles?  In addition to socks, use it for terrific, bold, attention-grabbing lace.
  • Kettle Tweed is a wool, llama and bamboo blend with a subtle sheen and tweedy flecks – then kettle-dyed by hand for unique, one-of-a-kind color.  Create a shawl with personality or unique socks!

And what should you make with all this great yarn?  We’ve got that covered, because all Knit One Crochet Too patterns are also on sale at 20% off!  They have knitting patterns, of course, but as their name implies they also have great crochet patterns, too.

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy