Summertime Flip Floppers Knit-Along with Katie Rempe

Katie Rempe's new "Summertime Flip Floppers" KAL ...
Featuring HiKoo CoBaSi Yarns ... 20% Off!

Are you ready to cast on some super cute "toe-less" socks? The Summertime Flip Floppers are the perfect summer socks for sandals or flip-flops! These socks are a fun and portable project for summer knitting ... the KAL starts July 6th!

Veteran designer Katie Rempe is hosting her third KAL sponsored by Skacel. You may know her from last winter's "Betwixt Blanket Cape" KAL or from Skacel's “The Fiber Factor” design challenge a couple of years ago.  As always, we're delighted to help you find all the info you need to knit the project and participate in the knit along.

This is not a Mystery KAL but the pattern pattern will be released in parts over 4 weeks starting on on Thursday, July 6th at noon eastern time.  You can download the free informational PDF from Ravelry now ... just put it into your Ravelry Library to automatically get the actual pattern and any updates during the KAL.

​Download the Free PDF from Ravelry

You can connect, ask questions, share photos, and get help via the Skacel Collection, Inc. Ravelry group. Questions are typically answered daily. It's like having a knitting tutor 24/7! You're also encouraged to share progress photos to the FiberWild and Friends group on Ravelry.

Don't miss out on the fun! The KAL is FREE and Skacel is sponsoring a drawing for one grand prize and two second place prizes. For more information on prizes and how to enter visit SkacelKnitting.com.

Summertime Flip Flippers Knit-Along
Thursday, July 6th
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The Project

Summertime Flip Floppers

by Katie Rempe
Pattern Free on Ravelry

The Summertime Flip Flopper socks are knit ‘toe’ up ... even though there is no toe! If you prefer tighter ribbing, use one needle sizes smaller in those areas. These socks can be worked two-at-at-time with Magic Loop or two circular needles. Just note that you will either need to split the solid color hank into two balls, or pull from the inside and outside of a caked yarn.

Katie will also include notes if you would like to use DPNs. We can't wait to see all the fun color combos for these summer socks! 

Finished Sizes

6.5" approx foot circumference (stretches to 10" around), 7" from foot ribbing to heel, and 8.25" from heel to cuff


2 x  HiKoo CoBaSi Multi

1 x  HiKoo CoBaSi Solid

Shown in ... we'll know soon!


440 yards color A (2 skeins) and 220 yards color B (1 skein)


40" US 1 [2.50mm] circular needles OR size needed to obtain gauge. Double check the millimeter size of your needle to ensure accuracy!


32 sts = 4" in Stockinette

Skill Level



CoBaSi and CoBaSi Multi - 20% Off!

HiKoo's "CoBaSi" yarn is a cotton, bamboo, and silk blend that also has a generous amount of elastic. If you have been looking for a wool-free sock yarn, look no further! This soft yarn will not irritate or overheat, and it is machine washable. Use it to create cute but hardy baby items or add some fun colorwork to your summer knitting!

Katie recommends picking a solid color that does not appear in the multi color to retain a clean look. We put together 6 of our favorite combos below, but there are lots of other options to choose from ... call if we can help!

Fiber Content 50% New Zealand Merino / 25% Nylon / 10% Angora / 10% Alpaca / 5% Silk Noils
Yardage / Weight 160 yards in 50g
Gauge 20 sts over 4″ on US 6 - 8 [4.00mm - 5.00mm]
Care Instructions Hand Wash, Dry Flat

Best of Michelle “Knit Purl” Hunter

New!  The best of Michelle's Knit-Along Designs...
Hardcopy, eBook or individual PDFs ... you Choose!

You already know about Michelle's hugely popular Progressive Needles Knit-Along series hosted over the last 4-5 years ... now, Michelle has collected her most popular KAL designs into one terrific book! The patterns have been re-knit in new yarns and fresh colors to tempt your needles!  But the best thing about the book is each design is supported by the super helpful videos on her website.  So, it's like getting 25 patterns along with the classes, all for the price of one book ... wow!

The hardcopy book is available NOW! The eBook and individual PDFs will be available in July.  You can order the Hard Copy Book now or wait until the eBook is available on Ravelry.  In the meantime, you can browse each amazing design below, get your yarn, needles and notions right away ... check out the introductory video ...

Best of Knit Purl Hunter Designs

Michelle "Knit Purl" Hunter

A few years ago, Michelle pioneered the idea of an online knit-along that knitters around the world could participate in ... supported by the Ravelry community, video instruction and terrific patterns.  The Progressive Needles Knit Along has set the standard for these online gatherings.

A quote from her book ... "I have always considered myself the luckiest person alive because I have a career that combines my two passions - knitting and teaching.  I hope my passion brings success to your knitting and a thirst to broaden your knowledge.  We have lots of fun ahead of us!"

​Here at FiberWild, we feel honored to have supported Michelle over the last few years and hope you will enjoy her new book ... and making a project or two!

Oh, ... we almost forgot to tell you about the Pillow!

Tumbling Blocks and Two Presidents!

Rhombille Tiling

Rhombille Tiling

Math geeks and fans of optical illusions are familiar with the rhombille tiling, more commonly known as tumbling blocks or reversible cubes.  The design is made with diamonds, with some diamonds set vertically and others set on their sides.  The cool visual effect is that cubes seem to be popping out of the page ... or, wait, are they sinking down into the page?  No, they're popping out ... in ... out ...

"Tumbling Blocks" has been a popular quilt pattern since at least the 1850s, and according to legend the pattern was used as a symbol on the Underground Railroad.  When a tumbling blocks quilt was hung on a fence the "boxes" were a signal to slaves to "box up" their clothes - the signal to leave would be coming soon! 

Even today, to "box up" means to pack.  To 19th century aristocrat planning a summer-long tour of Europe this referred to packing their clothes in a large steamer trunk - a box.  To a run-away slave boxing up meant carrying some extra clothes in a sack, not an actual box.

Some of our presidents have been tumbling blocks quilters!  Well, sort of.  It was common in the 19th century for boys to copy their mother's chores at a young age, often learning to knit, sew and quilt as they followed mother around doing her daily tasks.  As they grew older they moved out of their mother's sphere and into their father's world, learning the more masculine chores associated with farming and business.  Most men denied that they had ever done domestic tasks as a child, but in the case of Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Dwight Eisenhower we have proof that they did!

Calvin Coolidge, president from 1923 - 1929, was born in 1872.  ​When he was ten years old he pieced together a tumbling blocks quilt that is displayed at the Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site. His mother died about a year after the quilt was completed, which would have made this project all the more special to young Calvin.

Coolidge's Tumbling Blocks quilt in the Shed Room at Calvin Coolidge Museum

  Calvin Coolidge's tumbling blocks quilt in the Shed Room at the Calvin Coolidge Museum

Dwight D. Eisenhower, president from 1953 to 1961, was born in 1890.  He and his brother pieced together a tumbling blocks quilt, now at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Library and Museum.  According to the museum, his mother sewed the quilt together around 1910.  Eisenhower would have been around 20 years old at the time, much to old for a boy to be piecing together a quilt.  It is more likely that young Eisenhower did the piecing much earlier - and Mrs. Eisenhower had a great big pile of unfinished projects that took her a while to complete (we have so much in common!).

Kaffe Fassett Knit-Along afghan

Kaffe Fassett's Knit-Along afghan,
featuring the popular tumbling blocks.

But you don't have to be a quilter - or a future president - to enjoy the tumbling blocks design!  Kaffe Fassett (his name rhymes with "safe asset") is a painter, knitter and needlepoint designer who is famous for his love of color!  Lots of color!

The new Kaffe Fassett Knit-Along is a vibrant knit afghan that has a total of 48 squares knit from 13 unique patterns - including his instantly recognizable tumbling block design using the intarsia colorwork method. 

Happy Knitting! ... Scout

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