For the past several years we've taken an annual company field trip. To a field. An actual field. Ok, so it's really a barn and a pasture, but it's right next to a field.

Amber and Nicki with their new friends.

But it's really not as crazy as it sounds. Each spring we visit the farm of our employee and yarn producer Suzy the Shepherdess to visit her sheep and play with the new lambs. The sheep are alright, but the lambs are soooooooo cute! It's no wonder that Mary took her little lamb to school one day! We time it for when the lambs are just a few weeks old, so they are at a very jumpy and playful stage. Did I say they were cute?

The sheep walking out to greet their guests.

Suzy warns us to not wear our good shoes, and then we all walk down to the barn and start chasing lambs! They run and jump and play - we've even seen some do flips in the air. So much energy! Meanwhile Sean takes pictures of the chaos, while being very careful not to slip and drop his camera in the, um, mess. It is a barn, after all!

Some of the FiberWild crew! Suzy, Nicki, Matt, Wendi, Amy, Sean, Vera, Amber, The Other Matt and Taylor.

A chick feeding the chicks - and a sneak peak at the next Sock of the Month!

After chasing the lambs around, we all go to town for pizza and adult (carbonated) beverages!

Want to see cute videos of Suzy's sheep running around? Check out the our FiberWild! Facebook page!

Happy Knitting . . . . Scout

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