Got Your Goat!

Horses are very social animals.  ​They don't like to be alone.  Horses have relationships in their herd and "horse people" can easily tell you which horses in their herd are best friends. 

Goat and Horse Postcard

A horse and his goat companion.

Well, that's fine if your horses are home-bound, but what about horses that travel? 

Traveling is stressful for horses, and, let's face it, we all like to have our bestie with us in stressful situations.  It is especially important for race horses - you want your race horse to be as mentally comfortable as possible so he can have his best possible race (and win money for you!).  It can be cumbersome to travel around with a whole herd of horses just to make your star happy, but race horse owners have a secret weapon ... goats!

No one knows who was the first to pair a goat with a nervous race horse, but at any race track today you'll find horses - and goats - in the horse stalls.  Horses are calmer with a goat around.  That's important, because a nervous horse who spends the night pacing in his stall isn't going to race as well as a horse that calmly slept through the night beside his goat companion.

Horses can become very attached to "their" goat, so much so that companion goats often travel with their race horses, riding in the trailer together and then bedding down in the same stall.  Some stalls have the door designed so that the goat and go in and out of the horse's stall, allowing the goat to come and go as he pleases.  Others are designed to keep the goat inside with the horse at all times.     

The term "get your goat" refers to doing something to agitate someone else.  The phrase is from the practice of stealing the goat of a competitor's race horse - knowing that it will cause their horse to become agitated and nervous enough to race poorly. 

Do you feel stressed out and agitated?  Who doesn't!  We're not suggesting that you get a goat to travel with you on your morning commute to work, but we do recommend that you knit with Mountain Color's Mountain Goat yarn.  Mountain Goat is a smooth, non-fluffy blend of 55% mohair (goat hair) and 45% wool.  You'll get the warm, comforting feel of mohair - without the stink and mess of having a goat in your house! 

As a bonus, when you buy Mountain Goat yarn you'll get a free pattern for the super cute Ruffler Wrap - a fun circular shawlette with a feminine ruffled edge. 

Happy Knitting! ... Scout

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