Free Shipping April 18 – 20th – Just Because!

Scout's Ready

Scout's ready for Free Shipping!

When you love someone, you might give them a gift or send them flowers "just because".  It's always nice to get a gift on your birthday or on a holiday, but those little "just because" gifts are extra special.

At FiberWild! we love our customers!  We're not going to send you any flowers, but we will give you free shipping April 18 - 20.  Why?  Just because!  It's not a holiday, it's not your birthday, it's not a special occasion of any sort.  We appreciate our customers, and want you to have free shipping - Just Because!

You don't need a coupon or a special secret code.  Make any purchase, in any amount, and have it shipped anywhere within the U.S. or Canada starting on Tuesday April 18 through Thursday, April 20th, 2017, and your shipping charge will be $0, zero, nill, nada!

Who love's 'ya!

Happy Knitting and Crocheting! ... Scout

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