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FiberWild! Free Shipping 2016

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Wednesday 11/23 Through Monday 11/28

Who likes Mondays?  NO ONE!  Back to work ... it's generally thought of as the worst day of the week . . . except for Cyber MondayEveryone likes Cyber Monday!​

The origins of Cyber Monday go waaaaay back in time to 2005.  ​The term "Cyber Monday" was first used in a press release issued by titled "Cyber Monday Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year."

But the idea of Cyber Monday started earlier. In the early days of the internet an online connection was expensive. If you had internet service at home - and not everyone did - you had a slow dial-up connection. 

Most businesses, however, paid the additional expense for a fast connection.  Everybody knows that you shouldn't use your office computer to do personal tasks, especially shopping during working hours.  But that's hard to remember on the Monday after Thanksgiving, while you're still stuffed and sluggish from a four-day holiday spent eating and lounging.  A business connection was so much faster than most people's home internet ... why not just steal away a few minutes during your work day to make a few quick purchases? ...

Who's gonna know, right?  But retailers knew and started noticing that shoppers were making an lot of online purchases during working hours on the Monday after Thanksgiving ... and the savvy retailers started taking advantage of the trend with special online sales on Cyber Monday.

Including us! normally offers free shipping on all orders over $75 within the U.S. and Canada ... but for our Cyber Monday sale we are offering free shipping on all shipments to the U.S. and Canada.  That's right ... if your total is just one dollar you still get free shipping!  

Happy Thanksgiving from FiberWild!

Bonus:  We are having our Cyber Monday special from today, Wednesday (November 23, 2016) through Cyber Monday (November 28, 2016)!  Shop at work on Monday if that's what you prefer, ... but if your boss might snark at you ... you can shop all weekend from home!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Happy Knitting! ... Scout

P.S.  ​FiberWild will be closed on Thanksgiving so that all of our employees can enjoy Thanksgiving with their families, but we'll be right back at it on Friday.  Our website, of course, is always open 27/7. 

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