Ravelry Designers ... We want to sell your patterns!
Already selling via Ravelry's “Buy In-Store” Program? All you have to do is approve FiberWild.com as an online retailer ... and let us know that you would like us to sell your patterns!

Not familiar with Ravelry's “Buy In-Store” Program? Ravelry's Buy In-Store program allows designers to sell their patterns through all Local Yarn Stores (LYS'), including FiberWild! As a designer on Ravelry, simply sign-up for In-Store Sales and enable the patterns you want to allow LYS' to sell. Then approve FiberWild.com as an online retailer.

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The most important section is "For Designers only: Set Up Tutorial"
For more information on how FiberWild.com works with designers, give us a call!