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Crochet Abbreviations

approx - approximately

beg - begin, beginning
[ ] - Repeat the directions inside the brackets as many times as indicated.

ch - chain, chains
cont - continue, continuing
CC - contrasting color

dec - decrease, decreasing
dc - double crochet (UK: tr—treble)

hdc - half double crochet (UK: htr—half treble)

inc - increase, increasing

lp/lps - loop/loops

MC - main color
mm - millimeter, millimeters

oz/g - ounces/grams. This usually refers to the amount of yarn in a single skein, ball or hank of yarn.

( ) - Work the directions contained inside the parentheses into the stitch indicated. See "Small (Medium, Large)," at right, for the other uses of parentheses.
pat/pats - pattern, patterns

rem - remain, remains or remaining
rep - repeat, repeating
rep from * - Repeat the directions following the asterisk as many times as indicated. If the directions say "rep from * to end," continue to repeat the directions after the asterisk to the end of the row.
rev sc - reverse single crochet
reverse shaping - A term used for garments such as cardigans, where shaping for the right and left fronts is identical but reversed. For example, neck edge stitches that were decreased at the beginning of the row for the first piece will be decreased at the end of the row on the second piece. In general, follow the directions for the first piece, making sure to mirror the decreases (and/or increases) on each side.
RS - right side; right sides
rnd/rnds - round/rounds

sc - single crochet (UK: dc—double crochet)
sk - skip, skipping
sl - slip, slipping
sl st - slip stitch (UK: sc—single crochet)
Small (Medium, Large) - The most common method of displaying changes in a pattern for different sizes. In general, stitch counts, measurements, etc., for the smallest size come first, followed by the larger sizes in parentheses. If there is only one number given, it applies to all of the sizes.
sp/sps - space/spaces
st/sts - stitch/stitches

t-ch - turning chain
tog - together
tr - treble crochet (UK: dtr—double treble)

work even - Continue in the established pattern without working any increases or decreases.
WS - wrong side, wrong sides

yd/m - yard(s)/meter(s)
yo - yarn over
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