Sock of the Month: Get Social!

Join us on your favorite Social Media website ...
Share your outdoor sock knitting with the rest of the world!
Now that just about everyone has a smartphone, it's easy to take great pictures when you are out in the wilds ... and sharing your pictures on your favorite social networking site is a snap!
Get creative! We love "WIP - Work in Progress", "FO - Finished Objects" and especially "location" pictures. Location pictures? Stand in front of the entrance sign to Yellowstone. Or look for a instantly recognizable landmark, such as the overlook to Yosemite valley.

Then Facebook, pin, tag, or tweet your pictures! ... tell your knitting friends to RE-Pin, Like, RE-Tweet, Share and Ravelize ... you get the idea!
Follow FiberWild to see keep up on all the outdoor sock knitting adventures! ... Remember: #ParkYourSocks !

Ravelry's going to be our information hub during the National Park Sock of the Month Series, so please join the FiberWild and Friends group to get the most current news, share your progress photos, ask questions, and even find out where groups may be meeting in your area to work through these twelve projects together.
Share your Sock of the Month project with the group to be entered in monthly giveaways. Each month, one lucky knitter will receive a prize, so tell your friends, and get your own projects posted. We have a badge you can post as your project pic until you get your yarn and cast on!

Of course, these days many of us are also using Facebook on a regular basis, so please follow us there as well. We'll be posting your select photos submitted to us by email for the quarterly giveaways, and of course, we're always delighted to see what and where you're knitting, so please share your knitting adventures with us.
Feel free to hashtag any appropriate posts too so that your fellow knitters can find you with #ParkYourSocks, #FiberWildSockoftheMonth, #ContinentalDivideSocks, and/or #FiberWild.

It's also quite simple to pin your Ravelry projects directly to Pinterest, and we'll certainly have a “Park Your Socks” board we encourage you to follow. We'd also love to see any blog posts about your outdoor knitting adventures pinned as well. We'll be using the hashtags #ParkYourSocks, #FiberWildSockoftheMonth, #ContinentalDivideSocks, and #FiberWild to give you a handle on goings-on here at FiberWild, but we'd love for you to use them too. We're always excited to see what you're working on, and if you're out and about, that's even more exciting.

Instagram is also a great way to keep everyone abreast of your progress. Just hashtag appropriate photos with #ParkYourSocks, #FiberWildSockoftheMonth, #ContinentalDivideSocks, and/or #FiberWild, and we'll share sneak peeks, progress shots, and of course our own brand of mostly fiber-related nonsense.

Twitter too remains a great way to keep informed about the various projects everyone's working on and hopefully where everyone's knitting as well. Please by all means us the hashtags #ParkYourSocks, #FiberWildSockoftheMonth, #ContinentalDivideSocks, and #FiberWild, as appropriate to share and coordinate with us and your fellow knitting adventurers. What parks will you be visiting this summer? Is there a particular landmark where multiple people might photograph their socks? Put it out there, and see who joins you. We're excited to see what you come up with.

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